Preparing an Emergency Travel Kit – More Than Just First Aid

Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, all travelers need to carry an emergency travel kit. Depending on your destination and planned activities, kits need to be assembled where travelers can have a portable, easy reference to help treat emergencies or contact people to help them. Even if you are traveling with a group, accidents can still happen, wallets can be stolen and illnesses can occur. While you cannot predict every possible situation, preparing ahead of time for possible scenarios will allow travelers to act quickly and make wise decisions, if ever faced with an emergency.

Most people will pack a First Aid Kit in their travel bag but people on prescribed medications must also plan. In the travel kit, be sure to keep photocopies of your prescription, with the generic equivalents written on them, and have all physician contact information available. If having any allergies or medical conditions, you will also want to include them in an easy to locate area or wear a medical alert bracelet. Remember when packing your kit, to pack more than enough medication, as your flight or cruise may be delayed.

Passports are usually not included in a kit, as most people choose to carry them. Should your passport become lost or stolen, to expedite the replacement process, having another copy of the passport is a wise idea. Passports, along with other photo identification, should be copied and placed in your emergency kit. If needing to call for help, you may also wish to purchase an international calling card and use it as part of the travel kit’s resources. This will allow you to telephone home if your wallet and credit card becomes misplaced or stolen.

Since money can disappear, having an emergency supply of trip funding may be necessary. Do not keep cash or other liquid assets in your travel kit, as these too, can become misplaced or stolen. If possible, purchase traveler’s checks that require the showing of photo identification or keep a credit card with your picture on it inside the kit. This way, if you need an emergency source of money, it will be available. Remember though, if your credit card does require photo identification, to have a copy of your passport with your emergency funding source.

Families will want to take into consideration all travelers’ needs while packing their kits and plan for each person’s medical and financial possible emergencies. This way, travelers can take comfort knowing that they, and their travel partners, are well prepared for any unexpected events.

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